Touch. Because all you have to do is simply place your smartphone on the speaker and the sound of the music is automatically amplified!
Featuring a young and elegant style, Argenesi SOUND TOUCH skilfully combines creativity and technology in a single product, in order to play out loud the music on your favourite playlist!


The amplifier consists of one or more speakers, depending on the model, that amplify sound thanks to the use of magnetic induction technology. Free of any type of connection whatsoever, it is handy and practical to use!



Small and rectangular-shaped, the TOUCH MINI features three small speakers that guarantee full and crystal-clear sound quality, with total power of 6W. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries, supplied with the product.



The TOUCH MAXI, on the other hand, is large and rectangular-shaped, and features two large speakers with a sound reproduction power of 10W. It is powered by integrated rechargeable batteries or through a USB cable (supplied with the product).



Last but not least, the new square shape of the SOUND TOUCH CUBE. A single large speaker that amplifies music up to 5W. Not only does it allow you to place your smartphone on the amplifier but also to insert it in the slot at the top of the device.



The new line of music amplifiers for smartphones uses a Bluetooth connection to allow you to listen to your favourite playlist even when your mobile phone is in another room. Simply connect your device to the Argenesi SOUND amplifier, and you can listen to music up to a distance of 10 metres!


Similar to the Touch model in terms of shape, but lacking the shell that distinguishes it, the new SOUND WIRELESS is slimmer and lighter. The two large speakers that reproduce music from the smartphone (10W) are “exposed” in the rear, to highlight the pragmatic aspect of the amplifier, in other words that of a speaker. Argenesi SOUND WIRELESS is available in the rectangular shape only.



This is the line of amplifiers optimised for iPhones (4/4S/5C/5S) that is doubly “green”: in addition to the SilvanSputteringAg “zero-emission” process used to deposit 999 silver and 24-carat gold on the surface, Argenesi SOUND NATURAL does not require any power source since it amplifies the sound naturally, without polluting!


It features a simple and clean design in which modernity blends in with classicism. The plexiglas structure where the iPhone is inserted is modern and linear, while the cone, made of metal and decorated with 999 silver and 24-carat gold, has an old-fashioned style. Argenesi SOUND NATURAL is a real tribute to the music world: its shape reminds one of a gramophone, one of the first devices able to reproduce sound. A valuable item with a vintage charm that can turn into an extraordinary and unexpected music amplifier!


Unlike usual silver products, Argenesi items do not require regular polishing because they maintain their characteristic shine in time.

The product can be cleaned using a soft microfiber cloth to eliminate any dust from the surface. We recommend that you DO NOT use chemical or abrasive products to avoid ruining the surface of the item, whether it is coloured or silver-plated.

Please pay particular attention to the front speakers during the movement and maintenance of the object, as they are not protected: when grasping the product, avoid placing the fingers directly on the front speakers as you risk crushing and damaging them irreparably.

It keeps its shiny

The Silver Surface does not need to be periodically polished.

Clean with a soft cloth

to remove the dust.

DO NOT use

chemical or abrasive products

Argenesi®SOUND is an exclusive brand of Silvan S.r.l., a company established in 1965 by silversmith Antonio Bassan. The company now develops and produces items made of glass, porcelain and metal plated with pure silver and characterised by that unmistakable style “Made in Italy”. Leader in the silver gift item sector, the company is distinguished by creativity, technology, design and experimentation. Every piece is unique as they are all individually hand-decorated by expert craftsmen.