who we are


Silvan S.r.l. is an Italian manufacturer based in the City of Padua, near Venice.
One of its main objectives is to regularly offer new products to its customers including vases, bowls, plates, trays and various kinds of gifts.
With the same passion that Mr. Antonio Bassan (the company founder) employed to make his first silver articles in 1965, but with the reliability and speed that modern production techniques allow, our team researches, develops and manufactures Argenesi® branded products.
Taking full advantage of the unmistakable “Made in Italy” style, Silvan S.r.l. produces articles utilizing glass, porcelain, ceramic and metal, thereby increasing their quality and beauty with the look and value of pure .999 silver.

This is deposited thanks to the exclusive SilvanSputteringAg technology, which allows us, in an environmentally friendly way, to enhance an object with an innovative and unique design, typical of the Argenesi brand.
Thanks to SilvanSputteringAg technology, it is possible to deposit silver on various types of surfaces, and thus create many different items, characterized by the addition of precious metal, and customized to our own design.

Our articles are suitable for all kinds of customers, as we offer products such as wedding gifts, company gifts or simply a gift for the house.

To discover all of our ranges, please have a look at our catalogues, where it is possible to find our latest innovations, or contact us for useful information about our products.




Today, the producers of consumer goods use plating techniques to add value to their products.

Thanks to SilvanSputteringAg technology, using a PVD procedure, it is possible to plate any kind of surface. With particular regard to “metallic” plating, the materials generally used are Chromium, Stainless Steel, Titanium and Zinc, but Silver can be used too.

Besides being considerably long-lasting and resistant to abrasion over time, processes carried out with SilvanSputteringAg technology elegantly bring together precious materials with other types of products, even the most colourful, without “hiding” their natural beauty.

This processing takes place in complete respect for the environment, in that it produces “zero emissions” and generates no type of waste after completion of the whole procedure.

It builds an indestructible link between the metal deposited and the surface of the product treated, welding them together at molecular level.

PVD – Physical Vapour Deposition – Processes

PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) processes are atomic deposition processes in which the material is evaporated from a solid or liquid source in the form of atoms or molecules and transported in the form of vapour through a vacuum or plasma environment to the substrate where it condenses. A deposition is referred to as atomic or molecular when the film (also known as overlayer) grows on the substrate (the item to be plated) atom by atom. A thin film usually has a thickness of a few microns or less.



Sputtering is a PVD process. This method is often used for the deposition of thin films in vacuum environment. In technical jargon, cathodic pulverisation (or sputtering) is a process in which atoms, ions or molecular fragments are emitted from a solid target material bombarded with a beam of energetic particles (usually ions).